Augmented and Virtual Reality

WEBINAR: Virtual Reality: A Brief Review of the Future

This presentation will provide a brief description of the various forms of VR technology and describe the trajectory of Clinical VR over the last 20 years addressing health and clinical treatment of anxiety disorders, PTSD, pain management, autism, and in the assessment/rehabilitation of stroke, brain injury, and other neurologically-based conditions. We will also discuss advances in Virtual Human technology for clinical training, healthcare coaching, and clinical interviewing.

September 03, 2019
Augmented Reality Gives New Sight to Bioengineers, Doctors

More bioengineers are taking a serious look at how virtual and augmented reality tools, like Microsoft's HoloLens can expand their design capabilities, especially for medical imaging and computation, simulations, and implants and devices.

Mark Crawford
March 12, 2018
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Virtual Reality and 3D Printing for Heart Treatment: A Tour

Take a tour of the human heart using the latest in virtual reality technology with Prof. Paul Iaizzo, University of Minnesota, and his team, and see how this technology can be used to print personalized 3D models of any heart.

June 19, 2017
Mixed Reality Replaces Cadavers as Teaching Tool

For centuries, cadavers were the primary way medical students learned about anatomy. Technology like the Microsoft Hololens is changing that as mixed reality offers an interactive experience.

John Kosowatz
May 01, 2017