Artificial Organs

Biomedical Engineers Grow Human Tissue that Suppress Immune Response

Biomedical engineers grow personalized tissue transplants for heart, spinal cord, and brain from patients’ own fatty cells.

Lina Zeldovich
February 25, 2019
Building Better Livers with "Buds"

An international team has grown up to 20,000 vascularized liver buds at a time and reversed liver failure in 60 percent of mice that received the implants.

Melissa Lutz Blouin
July 02, 2018
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Heart-On-A-Chip Achieves Faster Delivery Time

Columbia University researchers recently generated beating cardiac tissue from induced pluripotent stem cells, human cells that are able to differentiate into nearly any cell type. Using physical conditioning, the researchers produced samples with the hallmarks of mature heart tissue with just four weeks of cell culture. The work paves a concrete pathway to functional heart-on-a-chip platforms.

Menaka Wilhelm
May 21, 2018
Nanotech Could Transform Organ Transplants

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October 18, 2017
Podcast: Preserving Organs for the Future

Dr. Sebastian Giwa discusses the challenges and strategies related to organ preservation.

September 06, 2017
7 Human Organs on One Chip

Researchers have developed a human-on-a-chip, on which tissue from seven human organs is grown on a small polymer the size of a computer USB device. The chip is used for drug testing to cut the number of animal tests done.

Jean Thilmany
April 10, 2017
Prosthetic Heart Valve Prevents Coagulation

A prosthetic valve enables blood to swirl naturally as it flows, reducing stress on blood vessels.

Jeff O'Heir
April 10, 2017