Cell Therapy

System Automates Cell Culture Optimization

A combined bioreactor and cell culture analyzer automatically monitors and adjusts growing conditions on 48 different cell cultures.

Melissae Fellet
January 22, 2018
Industry Confronts Challenge of Shipping Cells for Therapy

A new system may help solve the problem of shipping cells between laboratories and hospitals and clinics by developing an alternative to cryopreservation.

Alan Brown
January 16, 2018
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Virus Shortage for Cell Therapies Creates Engineering Opportunity

Engineering and manufacturing expertise could ease the shortage of viral vectors used for drug delivery in the booming gene therapy market.

Michael MacRae
January 08, 2018
3D Bioprinter Technology Targets Researchers

In the wake of recent developments in the field of cell therapy, bioprinter vendors are seeking to market to more sophisticated researchers.

Alan Brown
December 18, 2017
New Processes Bring Greater Confidence to Cell Therapies

New technologies for engineering cells, monitoring cellular attributes and accelerating manufacturing lead to better and safer cell therapy products.

Tanuja Koppal
December 11, 2017
New Cell Therapy Could Expand CAR-T Treatments

Scientists are now developing alternative strategies for producing new types of CAR-T treatments.

Michael MacRae
December 04, 2017
Pancreas Cell Implant Aims to Eliminate Insulin Injections

Encellin is working to eliminate insulin injections for diabetic patients with an insulin-producing implant containing live cells.

Melissae Fellet
November 27, 2017
Putting the Freeze on Ice Recrystallization

New classes of molecules based on naturally occurring sugars promise to preserve cryogenically frozen cells and perhaps organs without any of the toxic side effects of current treatment.

Melissae Fellet
October 30, 2017
FDA Cancer Drug Announcement Creates Critical Role for Engineers

The FDA recently announced an exciting new class of cancer drug made from a patient’s own cells, and it is clear that engineers will play a key role in fulfilling its promise.

Michael MacRae
September 18, 2017
Podcast: How Cells Turn Rogue and Cause Cancer

Dr. Denis Wirtz discusses how cells turn rogue, escape incarceration, and become a cancer upon their surroundings.

August 30, 2017
Podcast: Capturing Circulating Tumor Cells

In a podcast recorded at the 2017 SB3C summer conference, Prof. Yaling Liu, Lehigh University, discusses his work using microfluidic devices to capture circulating tumor cells.

August 07, 2017
Forcing the Immune System to Attack Cancer

A common virus may hold the key for the nearly 50 percent of patients who do not respond to immunotherapy cancer treatment.

Cassie Kelly
July 24, 2017
Living Machines Begin to Emerge

A multicenter, NSF-funded research team is building machines with new functionalities out of living cells.

Monique Brouillette
April 17, 2017
The First Full Glimpse of a Molecular Dance

Studying the binding and unbinding of molecules could lead to better insights into the study of antibodies.

Nancy S. Giges
April 10, 2017